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Torres Pod: Mario Cristobal to Miami - will it work? Plus "Aaron Right/Wrong"

We have a loaded Wednesday Aaron Torres Pod. Aaron discusses Mario Cristobal at Miami - and why it's not certain that he's the guy who will turn around "The U." Also, what does Oregon do and what are the trickle-down effects? Finally, he plays "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" on Michigan football, Mike White, Shaka Smart and more.

Mario Cristobal at Miami - will it work? Plus, what does Oregon do: Aaron opens the show by discussing Miami officially hiring Mario Cristobal (1:30). Aaron explains why Cristobal *may* be the right man to reinvigorate Miami - but why he also might be the latest guy to fail to reach expectations at "The U" (13:00). Then he wonders where Oregon will go - and if it is Chip Kelly, what the hell does UCLA do (21:00)?

Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong: Finally, Aaron plays "Where Aaron is Right, Where Aaron is Wrong" discussing Michigan football, Miami's move on Cristobal and something that happened on Tuesday that proves LSU football was overrated all year (28:00). Plus, Aaron tells you why he was right on Purdue hoops, wrong on Shaka Smart - and Mike White, what are you doing, man?!?!

You can listen to the show or download here:


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