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Torres Pod: Lincoln Riley CFB's newest villain? Emoni Bates to Louisville? Aaron Right/Wrong

It's a jam-packed Friday show, as Aaron discusses whether Lincoln Riley and USC have become college football's newest villain, and how would Emoni Bates fit in at Louisville? Plus, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong," discussing the NFL Draft, Ben Simmons and the NFL making a big move. Here's a full rundown:

Is Lincoln Riley college football's newest villain (2:00)? Aaron opens the show by discussing his experience at the Dave Chappelle comedy show, before switching to college football. With tampering allegations running wild, has Lincoln Riley become the new villain in college football? Aaron says yes - and it's not a bad thing.

Will Emoni Bates end up at Louisville - and how will he fit?: Next, Aaron talks about the increasing rumors that former five-star recruit Emoni Bates could end up at Louisville. He explains why it's a no-lose situation for both teams, and what it would say about Kenny Payne if he can land, and develop Bates. Also, can Bates still reach the near impossible hype that surrounded him?

Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong: Finally, it's another Friday segment of "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing college hoops' transfer portal, Ben Simmons and the NFL Draft taking over Christmas Day. Also, the NBA superstar(s) that Aaron was dead wrong on.


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