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Torres Pod: Kirby gets paid, Kentucky basketball - historic recruiting run, Aaron Right/Wrong

On today's show Aaron discusses Kirby Smart's massive contract extension, and why he is getting some pushback for NIL comments. Also, he discusses DJ Wagner's new Nike deal, and if Kentucky is about to land him, and go on a historic recruiting run. Finally he plays, "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing conference realignment, John Calipari, and his best and worst NFL takes. Here's a full run down of the show:

Kirby Smart gets PAID (2:00): Aaron opens the show with the news that Kirby Smart has become the highest paid coach in college football. Kirby is facing some backlash because of comments he made about NIL - but Aaron separates fact from fiction and tells you what Kirby *really* said about NIL.

Is Kentucky basketball about to go on a historic recruiting run? (17:00): Next, Aaron switches gears to discuss college hoops recruiting. We got a *very* interesting story surrounding the No. 1 recruit in the country DJ Wagner - and now it appears as though Kentucky is his leader. Is this just part of a massive recruiting run Kentucky is about to go on, with multiple Top 20 prospects committing in the next few weeks?

Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong (36:00): Finally, we wrap with America's favorite segment - "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong." Aaron hits on college football realignment, Notre Dame's crazy TV contract demands and why he was dead wrong on John Calipari. Also, his best NFL take in recent years... and his worst one.

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