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Torres Pod: Jim Harbaugh's latest mess, Week 8 preview, Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong + more

On today's show Torres discusses the latest wild Harbaugh accusations - he explains why its not good and why this may finally push Harbaugh back to the NFL. Plus, it's Week 8 picks and Aaron plays "Right/Wrong" hitting on his best and worst takes of the week. Finally, he is joined by Big Ten insider Garrett Carr to discuss Penn State-Ohio State on Saturday.

Jim Harbaugh latest accusations: Torres opens the show by discussing the latest Jim Harbaugh accusations. He explains why this is way worse than anything Harbaugh is accused of - and why this might be the end of Harbaugh at Michigan.

Week 8 Preview: Next, Torres dives into the Week 8 preview. He discusses Penn State-Ohio State (his deep dive was on Wednesday's show) as well as Tennessee-Alabama, Utah-USC, Ole Miss-Auburn, Clemson-Miami and much more

Big Ten insider Garrett Carr previews Penn State-Ohio State: Torres next welcomes on Big Ten insider Garrett Carr to discuss Penn State-Ohio State. They break down this weekend's biggest game from all angles, and make their picks on the mega showdown

Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong: Finally, Aaron wraps the week as he does every Friday with "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" discussing his best and worst takes of the week. Included, why he was dead right on Mark Stoops, wrong on Washington and one college football coach + the "most right" he's ever been on one specific college hoops topic

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