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Torres Pod: Is LeBron really retiring, new names in the college hoops portal + Ron Holland update

On today's show, Aaron tackles the biggest question in sports - is LeBron James really considering retiring, and shares a story of his old buddy JJ Redick making a fool of himself again. Also, he discusses new names in the transfer portal and where they may end up. Finally, he wraps on an update on five-star Ron Holland.

Is LeBron really about to retire (2:00)?: Torres opens the show with the biggest story in sports - is LeBron James really about to retire? Torres breaks down both angles, explains what LeBron is really up to and what the end result will be. Also, Torres' old buddy JJ Redick embarrasses himself again, and we've got the details!

The portal ramps up again (19:00): Next up, just when you thought the portal was dying down - it ramps up again! Torres shares what he knows about Rutgers star Cam Spencer and where he might end up, and also discusses players at the NBA Draft Combine who may be returning to school. What's the latest on Cam Spencer, Arthur Kaluma and more.

An update on five-star Ron Holland (35:00): Finally, Torres wraps with an update on five-star Ron Holland. Holland was finally let out of his Letter of Intent by Texas on Tuesday. But after weeks of being linked to Arkansas - has a new leader emerged?

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