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Torres Pod: Historic weekend for SEC hoops, good and bad college hoops title bets + Saturday preview

On episode 500 of the Aaron Torres Pod, Aaron discusses a potentially historic weekend for SEC hoops (and why the SEC may be the new "Big East"), gives his best and worst college hoops title bets with two weeks left, plus previews the weekend.

Potentially historic weekend for SEC hoops (2:00): With Auburn visiting Tennessee and Kentucky visiting Arkansas, Aaron talks about a potentially historic weekend in SEC basketball. He also explains how, with elite players, teams and the game's most eccentric coaches, the SEC is as close to the old school Big East as anything in college hoops these days.

Picking the best and worst bets in the updated college hoops title odds (27:00): With DraftKings releasing updated college hoops title odds, Aaron runs through the best and worst bets available. He shares his thoughts on all the top teams, including Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas and Duke, as well as a couple of long shots.

Finally he wraps by previewing the weekend ahead, discussing Kentucky-Arkansas, Auburn-Tennessee, Purdue-Michigan State and much, much more (48:00).

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