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Torres Pod: Harsin's last stand? Bama something to prove? Rest of Week 5 slate? Aaron Right/Wrong

On today's show, Aaron previews the full Week 5 slate, asking if Auburn will fire coach Bryan Harsin with a loss on Saturday? Also, why Bama has something it must prove against Arkansas and the rest of the Week 5 slate. Finally, we play "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong" discussing if Bama has the "killer instinct," the most underrated QB in the NFL and why Aaron was dead wrong on one huge college hoops story.

Bryan Harsin's last stand (3:00): Aaron opens the show by asking if this is the last stand for Bryan Harsin, and whether the Auburn coach will be fired with a loss Saturday to LSU.

Bama with something to prove (17:00): Next, Aaron transitions to Bama. The Tide's coach called them out this week, and Aaron believes that if Alabama wants to prove it's on the same level as Georgia they need a big win against a game Arkansas team.

The rest of the Week 5 preview (25:00): Finally, Aaron wraps by discussing the rest of the Week 5 slate, including Kentucky-Ole Miss, Michigan-Iowa and NC State-Clemson, while handing out his "Betfred Boosted" best of bet of the week.

Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong (39:00): Finally, Aaron wraps with "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing if Alabama has the killer instinct, why he was dead wrong on one SEC coach and the most underrated QB in the NFL. Also, the one college football coach that doesn't get nearly enough respect.

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