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Torres Pod: FULL NBA Draft reaction, Arch Manning commits to Texas + Aaron Right/Wrong on NBA Draft

On today's show, Aaron reacts to the 2022 NBA Draft, sharing his thoughts on the best picks, worst picks and much more. From there he reacts to Arch Manning committing to Texas, and what it means for the Longhorns and Steve Sarkisian. Finally, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" giving his all-time best and worst NBA Draft takes:

Full reaction to the NBA Draft (2:30): Aaron opens the show with full reaction to the NBA Draft. He explains why he actually agrees with most of the top picks, why there were no egregious misses, but the one Top 10 pick he totally agrees with. Then he rips through the rest of the best first round picks, and the second round steals that he absolutely loves.

Arch Manning commits to Texas (34:00): Next up, Aaron reacts to the mega-news, as Arch Manning has committed to Texas. He explains why the news isn't surprising, what it means for Texas, and why it has zero impact on Quinn Ewers. Also, Aaron explains why this one move is either going to make or break the Steve Sarkisian era and Texas' attempts to compete in the SEC.

Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong (49:30): Finally, we wrap with "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" as he discusses his all time best and worst NBA Draft takes. Included are his initial draft thoughts on Steph Curry, Jayson Tatum and the one NBA All-Star he was dead wrong on. Also, he shares his all-time best take, not just in the NBA Draft, but in any sport.

You can download the show or listen below:



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