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Torres Pod: Duke loses Coach K send off, crying Duke fans, Memphis surging, Sister Jean + Skyy Clark

Aaron is back, with a loaded Monday Aaron Torres Pod. He talks Duke falling to UNC in Coach K's final game, crying Duke fans, and why college hoops *needs* Jon Scheyer to be good. Also, Aaron talks about Memphis' signature win, the return of Sister Jean and Skyy Clark decommitting from Kentucky.

Coach K loses final home game - the fallout (2:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing Duke's shocking loss to North Carolina in Coach K's final home game. He discusses why this is officially time for concern for Duke, why he owes an apology to Hubert Davis and the crying Duke fans. He also explains why he'll miss Coach K, and why college hoops needs Jon Scheyer to keep Duke at an elite level for the good of the sport.

Memphis beats Houston to punch their tourney ticket + the rest of college hoops (31:00): From there, Aaron pauses and talks about the biggest winner of the weekend: Memphis. The Tigers beat Houston for a second straight time, all but punching their tourney ticket. He credits Penny Hardaway for the midseason turnaround, explains how Memphis improved and also wonders if they are suddenly a team you don't want to see in your bracket. He also talks about the rest of the weekend in college hoops, including Tennessee-Arkansas, Kentucky-Florida and the return to the NCAA Tournament for Sister Jean (and the exhausting) Sister Jean coverage.

Skyy Clark decommits from Kentucky (50:30): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by discussing the news that five-star guard has decommited from Kentucky. He explains why it's not a big deal, and may actually be best for both parties.

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