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Torres Pod: Draft reaction, Dan Hurley extension, did Hurley call out Calipari? Aaron Right/Wrong

Aaron opens the show by reacting to the NBA Draft, giving his thoughts on the best and worst picks and more. From there he talks Dan Hurley's extension and if Hurley went after John Calipari with some recent comments. Finally he plays "Aaro Right, Aaron Wrong" sharing his best and worst takes on the NBA Draft, college hoops recruiting and the one college football coach he's been dead wrong on.

NBA Draft reaction (2:00): Torres opens the show by sharing his thoughts on the 2023 NBA Draft. He discusses ESPN's bizarre coverage, before getting into reaction on the night. Who were the best and worst picks, did Charlotte make the right move with Brandon Miller and also the Top 10 pick that will end up as the steal of the draft.

College hoops notes on Dan Hurley, Will Wade and more (23:00): From there, Torres dives into college hoops news and notes, discussing Dan Hurley's extension, if Hurley went after John Calipari with some recent comments - and also Will Wade finally got his punishment from the NCAA. But was it enough?

Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong (45:00): Finally, Aaron wraps the show with his best and worst takes of the week in "Aaron Right, Aaron Wrong." He shares thoughts on the NBA Draft, and why he was dead wrong about a Zion Williamson trade. Also, the one college hoops coach he's been right about from the beginning and the one college football coach that he's been dead wrong on as well.

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