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Torres Pod: Did the NFL hijack Christmas from the NBA? CFB Playoff first thoughts + Who's No. in CBB

It's Monday and Aaron has three things to get off his chest post Christmas: First off, did the NFL officially steal the Christmas Day from the NBA (and will they ever give it back)? His first thoughts on Friday's College Football semifinals + Who is No. 1 in college hoops? He has the answer (sort of). Here is a full rundown:

Did the NFL just hijack Christmas Day from the NBA?: Aaron opens the show by getting something off his chest post Christmas: For the second year in a row we had NFL football on Christmas - and Aaron wonders did the NFL officially steal Christmas from the NBA? With two NFL games the NBA on Christmas has never felt more irrelevant and wonders if Christmas NFL is here to stay (3:20)?

First thoughts on the College Football Playoff: Next up Aaron shares his first thoughts on the College Football Playoff (19:00). Who is the real Alabama - and is Cincinnati the team to slow them down (21:30)? Also, is it at all possible that Georgia was looking ahead in the SEC title game and what does it mean for the semifinal (32:00), and was any team hurt more by the long layoff since the end of the regular season (37:30)? Aaron says no.

College hoops thoughts - including, Who's No. 1?: It's been a quiet few weeks in college hoops, but with the season hitting the halfway point and conference play heating up, Aaron asks - who is the real No. 1? He believes there are four teams that can make the case (42:00). Also, who are the four most underrated teams in the sport? Aaron has your answer (59:00).

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