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Torres Pod: Crazy Red River, Bama takes control of the West, Jimbo failure + the rest of Week 6

On today's show, Torres talks the crazy ending to the Red River game, and what's next for Texas and Oklahoma. Plus, Jimbo Fisher lets his fans and team down with disastrous coaching, while we learned again not to doubt the GOAT, Nick Saban. Finally, he wraps a crazy rest of the day on Saturday, talking Mario Cristobal's gaffe, USC's uninspired effort, Notre Dame-Louisville, Kentucky-Georgia and what about Michigan?

Red River reaction (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing reaction to the Red River Shootout. Why Steve Sarkisian let down Texas, and why we were all wrong on Brent Venables. Plus, are we headed for a rematch in the Big 12 title game? And is this proof Oklahoma and Texas are ready for the SEC?

Alabama beats A&M, as Tide takes control of the West and Aggie fans flip on Jimbo Fisher: Next up, Torres talks the other big game in Texas - Alabama, Texas A&M. Jimbo Fisher let down his fans with weak play-calling, all while we learned once again: Don't doubt the GOAT Nick Saban. What's next for Bama?

The rest of the weekend in college football: From there, Torres talks the rest of the weekend in college football, including Mario Cristobal's inexcusable gaffe, why USC is broken even after surviving Arizona and who's to blame for Notre Dame's back-spin? Plus, Kentucky gets smoked by Georgia, Colorado wins again and is Michigan the best team in college football?!

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