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Torres Pod: Chris Mack out, who's next at Louisville, wild Caleb Williams Rumors + Aaron Right/Wrong

We have a loaded show, discussing Chris Mack's inevitable departure from Louisville, who are realistic candidates for the Cardinals, and two new Caleb Williams rumor - including one that is crazy. Then, "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing Sean Payton, Joe Burrow and the NFL Playoffs. Here's a full rundown:

Chris Mack out, what are the realistic candidates for Louisville (1:30): Aaron opens the show by discussing the crazy news of the day at Louisville - Chris Mack appears to be out as head coach. What went wrong, what kind of candidate can Louisville get with an interim AD and the guy that Aaron thinks will actually get the job.

Crazy Caleb Williams rumors (19:00): From there Aaron discusses two new rumors surrounding Caleb Williams. He breaks down a report that Williams is down to LSU and USC and explains why LSU *could* make sense for Williams. Also, what to make of a new report, that one Big Ten school is emerging in Williams' recruitment?

Finally, Aaron wraps the show by playing America's favorite game, "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong," discussing Chris Mack, Joe Burrow and could Sean Payton have a new landing spot soon?

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You can listen to the show the show or download below:


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