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Torres Pod: Chris Beard fired - will he coach again and who's next at Texas + Pitino/St Johns update

It's all an hoops show, as Aaron reacts to Chris Beard's firing, wonders if he'll ever coach in college basketball again and explains why the Texas could attract some big name candidates. Plus, a VERY interesting update on the Rick Pitino/St. John's conversation from a few days ago. Here's a full rundown:

Chris Beard fired - will he ever coach again? (5:00): Aaron opens the show by discussing the news that Chris Beard was fired. He discusses whether Beard will ever coach college basketball again, and if Texas basketball can rebound and meet expectations this year.

Who's next at Texas? (23:00): From there, Aaron goes through the list of candidates who could end up at Texas. He explains why the job is better than most realize, and might even be better since Beard took over two years ago. Who are the candidates? And the one national championship winning coach who might say yes to the job.

Finally, on the last episode, Aaron explained why St. John's needs to fire Mike Anderson and pursue Rick Pitino - and he has a VERY interesting update on that topic (39:00).

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You can listen to the show or download below


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