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Torres Pod: Caleb Williams transfer, Harbaugh/NFL, is there a "best" team in CBB + Tues games

It's Wednesday and we have a loaded Aaron Torres Pod, as Aaron discusses Caleb Williams transfer, the Jim Harbaugh NFL rumors and why there really isn't a true "No. 1" in college hoops this year. Then he goes through Tuesday's college hoops games including Kentucky-LSU, another impressive win, a bad Michigan loss and what's wrong with Auburn?

Caleb Williams transfer: Aaron opens the show with the mega story of the week, as the former No. 1 quarterback in America Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal (2:00). Aaron discusses why he believes Caleb Williams is maybe the most high-profile transfer *ever*, what schools could be interested and why Oklahoma's decision to bring in Dillon Gabriel following Williams' commitment shows the evolving nature of college sports.

Jim Harbaugh to the NFL?: Next up, Aaron reacts to the reports that Jim Harbaugh could be interested in a return to the NFL. He explains why this could just be a ploy to get more money via a new contract - but why Harbaugh may also be genuinely interested in leaving for the pros (24:45).

Is there a No. 1 in college hoops + Tuesday night's games: Finally, Aaron wraps with college basketball. He explains why he believes there really may be no true No. 1 in college hoops - and why that's a good thing for the sport (40:00). He then talks about Tuesday's results, including Kentucky at LSU (51:30), another big win for Auburn (58:00) and what's wrong with Arkansas (1:02:00).

You can download or listen below:


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