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Torres Pod: Caleb Williams, Harbaugh/Vikings rumors, Texas-Texas Tech hoops + Danny Wuerffel joins

It's a loaded Aaron Torres Pod, as Aaron discusses Caleb Williams' commitment, Jim Harbaugh flirting with the Vikings, Tom Brady and the wild environment in the Texas Tech-Texas basketball game. Also, former Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel joins the show. Here's a full rundown:

Caleb Williams commits to USC, Jim Harbaugh/Vikings rumors, Tom Brady retires: Aaron opens the show by discussing Caleb Williams commitment to USC and why it's big for the Trojans, the Pac-12 and college football as a whole (2:00). He then talks about Jim Harbaugh's flirtation with the NFL and if it will really happen this time (16:45). He wraps the opening segment discussing Tom Brady's retirement (26:30).

Danny Wuerffel joins the show: Next, Aaron welcomes in a college football legend, as Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel joins the show. The guys discuss Wuerrfuel's storied career, he tells funny Steve Spurrier stories and what he thinks of the current landscape of college football. How would a playoff have changed his career and legacy with the Gators (30:25)?

The wild scene between Texas and Texas Tech basketball: Finally, Aaron wraps the show by talking the wild scene in Lubbock, Texas for the Texas Tech-Texas basketball game. Aaron explains why he doesn't blame the fan's frustration, why Texas Tech is one of the best stories in college hoops - and why college sports need more, true, bad blood like what we saw Tuesday night (51:00).

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