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Torres Pod: Bruce Pearl joins the show, NBA Finals thoughts + Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong

On today's show, Aaron shares his thoughts on the Warriors clinching another NBA title, before welcoming back an old friend of the show: Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl. Finally, he plays "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong" discussing the NBA Finals, boosters gone crazy in the NIL world and bad college baseball picks. Here's a full rundown of today's show:

NBA Finals thoughts (2:00): Aaron opens the show with some quick thoughts on Golden State winning another NBA title. He explains why he has a newfound appreciation for the Warriors and Steph Curry after these Finals. Also, did Boston blow their best chance at a title?

Bruce Pearl joins the show (21:00): Next up, Aaron welcomes in old friend, Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl to the show. The guys discuss Auburn's summer tour to Israel, and why Coach Pearl takes the responsibility of being a "teacher" for his young players seriously. Also, he explains why Jabari Smith should be the No. 1 pick in this NBA Draft and previews his 2023-2023 Tiger squad.

Aaron Right/Aaron Wrong (41:45): Finally, Aaron wraps the show by playing America's favorite game "Where Aaron Was Right, Where Aaron Was Wrong." He discusses his biggest NBA Finals hits and misses, the one basketball star he totally whiffed on, and why the NCAA is finally listening to him on the biggest issue in college sports. Also, a rouge booster is back in the news - just like Aaron told you he would be.

You can listen to the show below, or download:

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