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Torres Pod: Brohm to Louisville, Deion *already* making moves + UConn the best team in college hoops

Aaron discusses Jeff Brohm to Louisville and all the moves Deion has made on his coaching staff and in the portal since taking over. Then he talks college hoops, where Arkansas and Michigan suffered big injuries - and is UConn the best team in college basketball?

What Jeff Brohm to Louisville really means: Aaron opens the show by discussing the wild week at Louisville, where Scott Satterfield left and Jeff Brohm took over as head coach. What does this mean for Louisville, the ACC, and Louisville's rivalry with Kentucky - Torres discusses it all.

Deion Sanders already making moves: Yes, up next it's another Deion Sanders segment - as Deion has made moves on both his coaching staff and in the portal this weekend.

Injuries at Arkansas and Michigan + is UConn the best team in college basketball?: Finally, Aaron wraps talking some college hoops. He discusses injuries at Arkansas and Michigan, Texas and Maryland taking their first losses - and if UConn is the best team in college basketblal after another resounding win improved them to 10-0.

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