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Torres Pod: Brian Kelly to LSU! Spencer Rattler landing spots + full Feast Week college hoops recap

We have a BONUS episode of the Aaron Torres Podcast, recapping a wild Monday in college sports - Aaron talks the insane Brian Kelly to LSU hire, where Spencer Rattler could end up and finally gets to a little college hoops - here is the full rundown:

Brian Kelly to LSU: Aaron talks about the shocking development late Monday night as Brian Kelly is your new head coach at LSU. He discusses the shocking turn of events, and why he is EXACTLY the coach that LSU needs following Coach O. Finally, what the heck does Notre Dame do in the post Brian Kelly era (2:00)?

Spencer Rattler landing spots: Next up, Aaron explains how the transfer portal has changed college football - before getting into the biggest name to hit the portal Monday, former Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler. Aaron explains why Rattler has actually become a bit *underrated* over time, and which schools make the most sense to land the former No. 1 quarterback in high school football (18:45).

College hoops "Feast Week" recap: Aaron rips through the busy "Feast Week" college hoops slate, discussing why Duke was actually *more* impressive than expected in person and why Gonzaga might be more complete than they were last year. Also, is UCLA in trouble, and other news and notes from a busy Thanksgiving week in the sport (31:30)?

You can subscribe to the Aaron Torres Pod, or listen below:

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