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Torres Pod: Brian Kelly, NBA Draft deadline winners/losers + Updated "Way Too Early Top 25" for CBB

On today's show, Aaron discusses an interesting Brian Kelly comment at SEC Media Days, before digging into the NBA Draft deadline. He hits on winners and losers, including Gonzaga, Kansas, Duke, Houston and more, then updates his "Top 25" with rosters set for the 2022-2023 season. Where did your team land?

Brian Kelly drops a fascinating quote (2:00): Aaron opens today's show with an update from Destin, where Brian Kelly had a fascinating quote about NIL. Have the unintended consequences of NIL officially outweighed the good - and if not, how soon will we get there?

NBA Draft Deadline winners and losers: Wednesday night was the NBA Draft deadline, and Aaron discusses his winners and losers from all the players who decided to stay in college or go pro. Among the teams discussed - Gonzaga, Houston, Duke, Kansas, Michigan and more!

An updated "Way Too Early Top 25" for 2022-2023: Finally, with rosters now basically set for next season, Aaron updates his "Way Too Early Top 25." Where did schools like North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke and Arkansas land, plus one shocking team moves into the Top 15. Plus thoughts on the rest of the state of college hoops heading into next season

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