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Torres Pod: Bracket Reaction, Tennessee screw job, Will Wade fired, Mike White to UGA + Tom Brady

WHAT A SHOW! Aaron opens by quickly talking Tom Brady's return before hitting bracket reaction. Why Tennessee got screwed, why only one bubble team has a gripe - plus Aaron goes GAME BY GAME talking bracket. Finally he wraps on shocking coaching news, as Will Wade has been fired, and Mike White is headed to Georgia. Here's a rundown:

Tom Brady screws college basketball, unretires (2:00): Aaron opens the show by talking the news that stole thunder from the bracket, Tom Brady's unretirement. Aaron explains he wasn't surprised by the news, but was surprised by the timing - and the two reasons Brady made this decision.

Bracket reaction and breakdown (19:00): From there, Aaron finally gets into one of his favorite topics of the year: Breaking down the brackets. He quickly reacts to Selection Sunday, how Tennessee and A&M got screwed and why we need to stop playing conference tournament games on Sunday's. From there he goes game-by-game sharing thoughts on every individual matchup, with his early Final Four and title picks (35:00).

Will Wade fired, Mike White to Georgia: Finally, Aaron reacts to crazy college basketball coaching news! He explains why Will Wade was finally fired at LSU, and why it won't be easy to find his replacement - plus, what happens to all of the talent on LSU's roster (1:08:00). Finally, he talks the shocking news that Georgia has hired... Florida coach Mike White as their head coach (1:19:00)!

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