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Torres Pod: Bill Self and Kansas in trouble? Five-star Justin Edwards commits + Mailbag

On today's show, Aaron discusses Kansas pulling Bill Self off the recruiting market - and whether this means the Jayhawks are about to get punished by the NCAA. Also, what five-star Justin Edwards commitment means to Kentucky and a mailbag where Aaron discusses Gene Smith's 16-team playoff comments and whether Aaron is nicer to people who appear on the podcast. Here's a full rundown:

Bill Self and Kansas in trouble (4:00)?: Aaron opens the show by discussing a surprising story out of Kansas. Bill Self is no longer recruiting for KU - does this mean that the NCAA hammer is coming down on the Jayhawks soon?

What five-star Justin Edwards means for Kentucky (19:30): Next up, Aaron reacts to the commitment of five-star Justin Edwards to Kentucky. Aaron explains why the decision of the top five prospect is so big for UK, what impact he could have on college basketball, and also, why this could be the start of a wild recruiting month for UK. Who's next in Lexington? Torres discusses.

Mailbag segment (32:15): Finally, Aaron wraps with a mailbag segment, discussing Gene Smith's 16-team College Football Playoff proposal, which college basketball programs would he "buy or sell" stock in, and answers an important question: Is he too nice to coaches who appear on his podcast? He discusses.

You can download the show or listen below


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