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Torres Pod: Bama + Georgia separate, Cincy playoff run, Mark Stoops, Coach O, Michigan, Urban Meyer!

We have a MEGA Aaron Torres Pod - as Aaron recaps a wild weekend in football. Aaron discusses Alabama and Georgia separating from the pack, why Cincinnati is now a playoff contender and why it's time to appreciate what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky. Plus, Coach O's seat grows warmer, is Michigan legit this year and what to make of that Urban Meyer video? Here's the full rundown

Alabama and Georgia separating and will Cincy make the playoff? Aaron opens the show by discussing how Alabama and Georgia have separated from the pack, and also, who he believes is the better team - the Dawgs or Tide, as the answer might surprise you (1:30). Then Aaron transitions to Cincinnati, which won at Notre Dame Saturday - and as Aaron explains, we now have a perfect storm for the Bearcats to make a run at the playoff (24:00).

Appreciating Mark Stoops, Coach O hot seat, Michigan might good and Urban Meyer video: Finally, Aaron goes through the rest of a MEGA weekend in college football. He explains why it's time to appreciate what Mark Stoops has accomplished at Kentucky (34:30), why Coach O's seat is officially on fire after LSU lost to Auburn (45:40) and if it's finally time to admit that Michigan football might actually be good this year (57:00)? Finally, a discussion on the video that swept the internet, involving Urban Meyer, as Aaron asks once again whether Meyer is really cut out for the NFL and what his future actually holds?

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