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Torres Pod: Bama broken? Clemson's playoff hopes done? Georgia rolls, new leader for Auburn job?

On today's show, Aaron discusses how Alabama has fallen and if it's fixable after an LSU loss, and what the game means for LSU. Also, Clemson struggles and it isn't getting better while Georgia rolls and looks like the best team in the country. What are Tennessee's playoff chances post-loss? And is Hugh Freeze now the favorite in to land the Auburn-job post-Arkansas win?

Is Bama broken and can they be fixed? Torres opens the show by discussing yet another Alabama loss, this time to LSU. He explains why college football might have finally caught up with Bama and if Nick Saban has one more fix in him with this team. Also, why Brian Kelly's quick LSU rebuild is even more impressive than you think.

Clemson's got issues too: Clemson also took a brutal loss to Notre Dame, raising questions about the present and future of this program too. No, the Tigers aren't out of the playoff mix. But if they can't get it done in this season, with this defense, are they officially regressing as a program? Also, are we sure they have their QB of the future on this roster?

Georgia dominates, what is Tennessee's playoff path?: From there, Aaron talks about Georgia's dominant win over Tennessee. He discusses the one big takeaway from Georgia and also explains why Tennessee's playoff path isn't as difficult as some think.

A new leader for the Auburn coaching job?: Finally, is there a new leader for the Auburn coaching job after Saturday? Torres thinks that might be the case, and explains who it is.

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