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Torres Pod: AFC + NFC title games, Kentucky rocks Kansas, rest of the weekend in college hoops

Aaron opens the show sharing quick thoughts on the NFC and AFC title games as the Rams and Bengals - BENGALS! - are headed to the Super Bowl. Then he discusses Kentucky's dominant win at Kansas and the rest of the weekend in college hoops:

NFC and AFC title game thoughts: Aaron opens the show by discussing the two, incredible, down-to-the-wire NFC and AFC title games. He explains why the Rams prove that in sports, you should always "go for it" and why San Francisco's biggest mistake happened months before they took the field (2:30). He also talks about the Bengals incredible run, why the defense deserves more credit than they've received and why the Bengals are proof of why the NFL is No. 1 in American sports (21:00). Also, should Aaron Rodgers reconsider any move away from Green Bay to the AFC (33:00).

College hoops weekend review: From there, Aaron breaks down the weekend that was in college hoops. He discusses Kentucky's dominant win at Phog Allen, why this win proves he was right all along on the Cats and why this game once and for all proved that John Calipari is the perfect coach for UK (36:30). Then he discusses the rest of the Big 12-SEC Challenge, highlighting wins by Alabama over Baylor, Arkansas over West Virginia and Texas over Tennessee (54:00). Finally, he discusses America's most underrated team, the 18-2 Providence College Friars and tells you the one reason why he believes they're not getting the credit they deserve (59:30).

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