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Torres Pod: A&M-Bama thriller, Venables future, should Ohio State be No. 1, Tennessee, UCLA + more!

Aaron runs the gauntlet on a LOADED Monday show, discussing positives and negatives for A&M and Alabama after Saturday's thriller and whether Oklahoma should consider firing Brent Venables after this season. Plus, should Ohio State be No. 1, why Aaron was right on Tennessee + a shout out to UCLA. Here's a full rundown of today's show:

A&M-Alabama reaction + positives and negatives for each: Aaron opens the show by discussing the wild finish to the A&M-Alabama game. He explains why you *shouldn't* blame Jimbo Fisher for the final play call, and also positives and negatives for each team. After a close call in Tuscaloosa can A&M run the table from here? And can Alabama beat anyone left on the schedule without Bryce Young?

Should Oklahoma consider firing Brent Venables after this season?: Aaron continues the show by discussing the "Red River Shootout" and asking if Oklahoma should consider firing Brent Venables after this season? It sounds crazy, but with poor coaching and a team that's getting worse every week, Oklahoma should consider it. Plus, what this win means for Texas going forward.

Other reaction: Should Ohio State be No. 1? How good is UCLA? And shouts to Tennessee: Finally Aaron wraps with the rest of the weekend in college football. He explains why Ohio State should be No. 1, why UCLA is better than you think and shouts out Tennessee, who he was dead right on last week.

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You can download today's show or listen below


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