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Torres Pod: A crazy idea to save the Dallas Cowboys, Caleb Williams update + What's wrong with Texas

It's a LOADED Wednesday show, as Aaron reacts to a wild week in sports. He has a one-point plan to save the Dallas Cowboys, updates the Caleb Williams situation and wonders what does USC do if Williams goes elsewhere? Also, Duke, UNC and Texas all lose in a busy night in college hoops - and Aaron is officially worried about one.

A crazy plan to save the Dallas Cowboys: Like the rest of you, Aaron watched the Cowboys waste away another season on Sunday in Arlington. And he has a one-point plan to save the Cowboys and guarantee they compete for Super Bowls the next 2-3 years - even if his plan will never actually happen (2:30).

Caleb Williams update: Next Aaron updates the wild, wacky, wild road of Caleb Williams. Aaron gives an update, and goes through all the reasons why Williams has yet to commit (20:30). He also asks the question: With Jaxson Dart visiting other schools, how much trouble will USC be in if Williams ends up at a school other than USC?

Duke, UNC and Texas all lose Tuesday - who should you be most worried about?: Finally, Aaron wraps the show talking college hoops, as Duke, North Carolina and Texas all lost on Tuesday night. He talks Duke and UNC, and then explains why he is officially concerned with Texas - what is wrong, why this problem can't be fixed, and how did so many people - including Aaron himself - get the Longhorns wrong in the preseason? There's one simple answer (36:30).

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Listen to today's podcast below:


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