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Torres Pod: SEC Coaches Meetings, NBA Draft deadline stay/go decisions + busy day at Kentucky

On today's show, Aaron discusses the SEC coaches meetings, and why Jimbo vs. Saban was *not* the biggest story to emerge. Plus, the NBA Draft deadline nears, Aaron talks about what big decisions have already been made and which ones are to come. Finally, he talks about a busy day at Kentucky, where Jacob Toppin returns, a new assistant was hired and we got a juicy DaJuan Wagner rumors.

What we learned at SEC coaches' meetings: Tuesday was the big day, as we got Jimbo Fisher vs. Nick Saban at the SEC Coaches Meetings. Aaron explains why he was once again disappointed in Saban's response, thoughts on the SEC scheduling model + why the biggest story of the day came from a very unlikely place - Florida head coach Billy Napier.

NBA Draft Deadline nears: With the NBA Draft decision coming, Aaron hits on all the big stories. He discusses some big "stay or go" decisions that have already happened at Gonzaga, Kansas and Arizona, plus the big names that have still yet to decide. With Wednesday's deadline to declare nearing there are a lot of schools still waiting on big news - Aaron runs through them all.

Busy day at Kentucky: Finally, Aaron wraps the show by discussing a busy day at Kentucky. He explains why Jacob Toppin's return is bigger than you think, shares what he knows about new assistant coach KT Turner - plus, a juicy DaJuan Wagner rumor!

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