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Torres Pod: Torres vs. JJ Redick Part II, college hoops on upswing? Transfer portal news and notes

Aaron reacts to JJ Redick calling him a "f**khead" earlier this week, before getting to the meat of the show. He explains why college hoops is on an upswing and healthier than it's been in years, and discusses all the transfer news, including Arkansas' new commits, Bryce Hopkins leaving Kentucky and more.

Torres vs. JJ Redick Part II (2:00): Aaron opens the show discussing JJ Redick calling him a "f**khead" earlier this week. He explains why Redick still doesn't get it, and why a simple Google search proves Redick wrong. Plus, why a Kentucky beat writer also ended up in Aaron's crosshairs this week.

College hoops on an upswing (23:00)?: From there Aaron discusses the state of college hoops following the Final Four. Aaron wonders if, with the transfer portal creating interest, and NIL keeping stars in college, is college hoops in a healthier place now than its been in years?

Transfer portal news and notes (35:00): Finally, Aaron wraps by ripping through some news and notes from the transfer portal. He discusses Arkansas picking up three commitments this week - and what it means for star Jaylin Williams, who announced he's "testing" the NBA Draft waters this week. Plus, why Bryce Hopkins leaving Kentucky isn't a big deal, one big name that every schools wants, and the next big commitment - which could come any day.

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