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TORRES: Harbaugh blows another one, MSU rising, new candidate at LSU? Scott Frost done at Nebraska?

It's Monday and we've got a loaded Aaron Torres Podcast! Aaron reacts to another wild college football Saturday, wondering what Michigan does after another devastating loss, and if a new candidate has emerged as a front-runner at LSU. Then he talks Ohio State's win, Georgia's domination and if Saturday was the (un)official end for Scott Frost at Nebraska?

Michigan-Michigan State and another devastating loss for Harbaugh: Aaron opens the show by discussing Michigan-Michigan State (2:00). MSU won, but the real story was at Michigan, where the Wolverines suffered another devastating loss under Jim Harbaugh (9:00). Is it time to admit that Michigan will always be good, but never great under Harbaugh? And if so, what should they do from there? Also, a quick shout out to the rise of Michigan State and whether Kenneth Walker has emerged as the Heisman Trophy favorite (21:30).

Did a new candidate emerge at LSU + Ohio State and is Scott Frost done at Nebraska?: From there, Aaron rips through the rest of the Week 9 slate. He wonders if a new "best" candidate has emerged for LSU (it's not who you think) and adds two names that he believes could've been hurt by their performances this weekend (29:00). Then from there he talks Ohio State's win, Georgia domination, and wonders if Scott Frost is officially done at Nebraska following another loss at Nebraska, to drop them to 3-6 overall (1:00:03).

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