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Tim Tebow weighs in on if Urban Meyer will ever coach college football again

Credit: Urban Meyer (Instagram)

It's the topic that no one in college football can seem to get enough of: Will Urban Meyer ever coach college football again?

Some will obviously say no (especially after the disastrous Jacksonville Jaguars tenure a season ago), but as Aaron has said on the Aaron Torres Pod several times, it only takes one team to bite the bullet.

This year, maybe it's Nebraska. In the future, who knows.

Still, it's a question that will get asked every off-season for the foreseeable future. And outside of Meyer himself, there's probably no one with more insight into the conversation, than arguably his most famous former player: Tim Tebow.

Tebow appeared on the Aaron Torres Podcast on Wednesday on behalf of AllState, and the guys covered a lot of ground.

One thing that Aaron made sure to ask: If Tebow believes Meyer has a future in college football.

Here's what he said:

"I think he’s a competitor," Tebow said. "I know he’s a competitor, and you know that competitive side right, it’s a balance right, and it’s always a balance of you know, what’s in you. [He's] not just made of one emotion or one feeling. I think his competitive side is probably saying, 'Ooh' that could be, you know, I could [him saying] 'well lets see what I can do here, lets see what I can do here,' he's so driven."
Tebow continued.
"But the other side is you know, it's being around his family and around his girls and having more grandkids now. That matters as well and I think that’s always you know I’ve known for a long time that been a balancing act."

Admittedly, Tebow couched things towards the end there, but I can't lie: The way he answered felt like a pretty big "I'm not going to tell you 'yes,' but the answer is yes."

You don't open a question like that by answering "Well, he's a competitor" unless you probably think in your heart of hearts, that he does want to come back.

And after all, why wouldn't Meyer?

He is, by any tangible measurement, one of the most successful coaches in college football history, and of every one who currently isn't coaching, has by far the best resume.

Plus, as Torres pointed out in the clip, Meyer is just 58-years-old, a full 13 years younger than Nick Saban. We're not saying Meyer could take a job tomorrow and stay for another 13 years - that's not how he's built.

But if Saban can still go strong at 71, it probably means that somewhere in the next few years, Meyer will have one more, solid, 4-5 year stretch in him. He might not be for every school, and every school might not interest him (realistically, probably only a few would.

Still, does he have one more run in him - it seems so.

To listen to the full Tebow interview, you can download here, or listen on YouTube below.

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