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The Washington Football Team will retire Sean Taylor's number this weekend -what interesting timing

Safe to say it's been a busy week for the Washington Football Team, where a scandal that began with some Jon Gruden leaked e-mails, has left the entire organization in the fire.

That tends to happen when all of Gruden's e-mails were part of a larger investigation into the Washington Football Team, with most sent in a back-and-forth between Gruden and former Washington GM Bruce Allen. Many, including Aaron, are calling for the NFL to share all the e-mails, not just Gruden's.

Anyway, we bring this up to say that in a story that is absolutely, completely, 100 percent unrelated (just ask Washington) the organization announced on Thursday that they would retire the number of franchise icon Sean Taylor this weekend.

The announcement came on Thursday, just 72 hours before the ceremony, and just days after the organization found itself in the national crosshairs.

Again, it's probably just one, huge coincidence - but still, the timing has left quite a few people wondering if, umm, well, the organization is trying to shift attention off the e-mails and onto something else.

Here is just a sampling from across social media:

Clearly, a lot of people had the same thought when they saw this news, and hopefully it somehow, someway comes out that this is all one big coincidence.

But as many above said, it is no way to honor not just a franchise icon, but instead an all-time football talent.

For those of you too young to remember the late, great Sean Taylor here is some video below.

Just know, there has never been anyone like him, and never will be again.

RIP No. 21. You deserved better than this from your franchise.


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