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The Top 10 most popular list of college athletes on Cameo has some surprising names

When Name, Image, Likeness came into effect just a few months ago, it was assumed that Cameo - an app in which you can get customized videos from your favorite celebrities - would be an easy way for most athletes to make some quick cash.

Understand that not every athlete could sign a big-time deal with a national brand, and the local car dealerships and bars would likely hold out their advertising dollars for only the premiere guys and girls. But anyone could hop on their phones, and wish little Johnny a happy birthday for $25 a pop.

Well it is clear that the website has been a hit with college athletes, and earlier this week, Cameo announced its list of the Top 10 most requested athletes on the site.

Many are names that you might expect. Some however, are not.

Here is the full Top 10, which was released by several people on Wednesday, including SI's Ross Dellenger below.

  1. Montana Fouts, softball, Alabama

  2. Davion Mintz, basketball, Kentucky

  3. Buddy Boeheim, basketball, Syracuse

  4. Brock Purdy, football, Iowa State

  5. Geo Baker, basketball, Rutgers

  6. Spencer Rattler, football, Oklahoma

  7. Sean Clifford, football, Penn State

  8. Bijan Robinson, football, Texas

  9. Zamir White, football, Georgia

  10. Kyle Hamilton, football, Notre Dame

Put bluntly, most of what we see on this list, isn't all that surprising.

The fact that football players dominate the list is no surprise. Many of the major brands - Oklahoma, Georgia, Notre Dame, Penn State - being represented is also no great shock.

Nor is it surprising that a Kentucky basketball player - a player who was one of the few bright spots on an otherwise disastrous team last year, mind you - has also made the list. There's a reason they call it Big Blue "Nation" after all.

At the same time, if you would have given the average college football fan 10 guesses at who the most popular football player on the app was, not sure you'd come up with Brock Purdy as the top earner. Rattler, sure. Kyle Hamilton, maybe (especially after he dominated Florida State the other night).

Furthermore, shout out to Geo Baker! Who knew there was that much of an appetite for all things Rutgers basketball? Forget 10 guesses with Brock Purdy. Had you given us 100 guesses on basketball players in the Top 10, Baker wouldn't have been in there.

And finally, there is Fouts. It probably shouldn't be that surprising that an accomplished player, at one of the biggest programs in the country, which serves as one of the biggest brands in college sports, also made the cut.

If you're not familiar with her work, here ya go.


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