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The Ravens get a BOUNCE OFF THE CROSS BAR, on a record setting FG attempt to beat Detroit (VIDEO)

Say this for the NFL: It seemingly always delivers. Just when you think you're going to get a boring game, with a boring result - you get an insane ending.

That's exactly what happened Sunday in Detroit, where the Ravens took on the Lions. Ravens coming off that great win in KC, Lions are the Lions, should be no problem, right?

Think again.

That's because after Baltimore stormed out to a 10=0, the Lions stormed back and took a lead late into the fourth quarter. The Ravens got the ball back with a minute to go, and converted a fourth down late.

But it still set up a 66-yard field goal... which would be a record setter if Justin Tucker could complete it.

Well, this is how it went down...

I mean, incredible if you're a Ravens fan, but just crippling if you're a fan of the Detroit Lions. In position to win, late against a legit Super Bowl contender. This of course after playing Green Bay tough for a half on Monday Night Football.

To his credit, Dan Campbell has Detroit playing hard.

But this one is going to sting for a while.

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