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The late Kobe Bryant made his family $400 million on Monday

So we got kind of a cool, but sad story out of the world of sports on Monday morning.

The story involves the late Kobe Bryant and a BOATLOAD of money he made for his family on Monday. The sad part of course, is that he isn't around to share it with them.

The details are as follows: Back in 2014, bought a 10 percent stake in the sports performance drink Body Armor for a cool $6 million. At the time, Kobe was the second largest stakeholder in the company, and in 2018 he became the third largest stakeholder, after Coca-Cola bought 15 percent of the company.

Which brings us to Monday, when Coca-Cola officially bought the entire company for $5.6 billion.

Once the sale went final, it netted Bryant' family a staggering $400 million.


The sale itself was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and later shared by Darren Rovell.

While the story is pretty damn cool, it is also quite sad, since obviously, Bryant is not around to share the windfall from his shrewd business decision with his family.

In a cool twist however, the sale was officially announced at 8:24 a.m. on Monday morning, to honor Bryant, who of course wore the numbers 8 and 24 during his NBA career.

Incredibly, per Sports Illustrated, Bryant made about $323 million his NBA career - meaning the Bryant family received more money for Monday's acquisition than he did for his entire 20-year NBA career.

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