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The Browns are BACK - as we have wild video of a brawl outside their game on Sunday

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

We all knew this was a big season for the Browns: Potential division winner, dark horse AFC championship type team, blah, blah, blah.

But look, while we could go on and on about Baker Mayfield and the boys forever, why bury the lead: If you need proof that the Browns are officially ALL THE WAY BACK, it didn't come on the field Saturday, but instead, when an all out brawl took place in the parking lot.

Make sure to stick through this video, because what looks like a harmless fight between two oversized Clevelanders - one, wearing an Odell jersey, naturally - turns into a full scale brawl in the streets by the end.

Really don't know what there is to say about this, that the video doesn't for us.

Yes, there were certainly scary moments in this video - like the dude getting pinned to the ground - but thankfully it appears as though other than a few bruised egos, and maybe a ripped Bernie Kosar jersey or two, everyone is ok.

Other than that, only other thought: How about the guy mid-video smoking the ahem, well... it wasn't a cigarette. That's for sure. Pretty sure he's going to have a long talk with the boss down at the feed mill on Monday.

Still, if you wanted proof the Browns are back, look no further.

You're not brawling like that, unless you're really fired up after a game. And you're not that fired up after a game unless you know you got a team that's good enough to win it all.

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