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Texas got destroyed by Arkansas on the field Saturday - and absolutely got ROASTED for it on Twitter

When it comes to college football, there are certain, unequivocal truths.

Alabama is going to steamroll everyone, no matter how many guys they lose to the NFL.

Tennessee and Nebraska will figure out a way to lose games in the most frustrating, angering way possible.

And Texas will definitively think it's back... only to be proven not to be.

That was once again the case on Saturday, when they went to Arkansas ranked in the Top 15 nationally... and got destroyed by the Hogs, final score 40-21. To be blunt, the game wasn't nearly as close as the final score indicated.

But while it once again proved that no, Texas is not back, it also had extra effect this weekend for one reason: It was the first time they have faced an SEC school, since announcing they were going to the SEC.

To lose to a team that - with respect to Arkansas - is not a top tier team in the league, proved once again just how hard the uphill battle will be for the Horns when they get to the league.

It also did something that we rarely see: It united social media, as EVERYONE got their shots in on Texas.

Here are some of the best tweets we saw, starting with one simple question: Is Texas back?

From there, SEC fans welcomed Texas to the SEC, in a way that only SEC fans can.

And finally, there was this, from the official Arkansas account.

Just another day in college football, and just further proof, that no, Texas isn't back.

Good luck in the SEC, Longhorns fans.

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