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The Best Prop Bets for Super Bowl Sunday

We already got the game breakdown, and we are already told who is going to win. But the best part of betting the Super Bowl is the props.

MyBookie has over 200 of them for you to chose from - so if you want to bet on these props go ahead and do it at MyBookie. Also, a reminder if you're gambling this weekend use MyBookie promo code "TORRES" and MyBookie will automatically double your deposit. So you want to bet $50 on the Bucs, MyBookie gives you $100 to play with. Best deal going in sports gambling.

Now back to the props, and there are so many, we're giving you an extra article to break it all down. We will give you the ones on the field, and the wacky ones from the first song of the halftime show, national anthem length, and of course the coin toss. While all the fun bets aren’t made to be taken seriously (since we are all degenerates) so please gamble responsibly on these.

The Coin Toss:

Out of the 54 Super Bowls played thus far, just 25 teams have won the coin flip and the game. In fact, there is sizable streak currently going where the team that won the coin toss ended up losing the game the last six years. The last time a team won the coin toss and won the Super Bowl was the Seattle Seahawks back in 2013.

But with all the research we put in, we're not going to simply toss a coin - see what I did there? - to determine our faith. Out of the 54 coin tosses in Super Bowl history, tails has hit 29 times (54 percent) and heads as hit 25 times (47 percent). The line of “tails never fails” is simply false. Each coin toss is independent of itself.

But we are ignoring that fact for now, because after landing on tails the last two Super Bowls, I'm going to take the same approach I have at the roulette wheel: If I see that red hits twice, you know damn well I’m putting my money on black.

So heads is due- Lets hit heads to start us off with a winner.

The pick: Heads

National Anthem Length (Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan)

Total: One minute and 59 seconds

Big news, as we are getting our first national anthem duet since Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin tag-teamed the anthem back in Super 40 in Nashville. That anthem rendition lasted two minutes and nine seconds total. The average length of national anthem performances in sporting events is one minute and 56 seconds. So this total seems spot on.

But six of out of the past eight national anthems in the Super Bowl have gone over the two-minute mark. This is one of the brightest stages for musical artist and they are going to try to hit and belt every single note. Then you add the fact that is a duet, both artists are going to stress every note during the leaps of the Star Bangle banner. Then just imagine the Pirate ship in Tampa Bay stadium blasting fireworks, during the “rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air” - Sullivan could belt 45 seconds in that stretch alone.

I love America, I respect our Anthem, I respect the troops, I’m taking the over.

The pick over 1:59

Color of the Gatorade Bath:

Orange +165

Clear /Water+350

Red/Pink +225

Purple +500

Blue +350

This wouldn’t be a good props article if we didn’t handicap the postgame Gatorade shower, and I will give a color for each team that is going to win.

The reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs used orange to dunk Andy Reid in their last Super Bowl win. I don’t expect them to change things for their in game refreshments. It is fair to note clear is always an option since there are always water coolers on the sidelines. But if you think the Chiefs are going to win, I feel orange is a safe bet.

However, on the Bucs side we are going to go clear/water because of the TB12 method here. Tom Brady does not believe in sugary sports drinks. Tom Brady's sports drinks are clear, and the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl Bill Belichick had a clear bath.

So clear at +350 is the way to go if you have the Bucs coming on top for Sunday.

The pick: Orange +165 or Clear +350

Game Props:

Over 2.5 players to attempt a pass (+160)

This bet isn’t on MyBookie yet, but I believe it will be there on gameday. It's a fun prop that I bet every Super Bowl rooting for a trick play. There are multiple ways to hit this whether it be a QB injury, fake punt, reverse pass, a shovel pass from the wildcat, and many more.

With Bruce Arians and Andy Reid coaching against each other, would not put it passed them to pull a trick out of the bag.

Bucs to score first (+120)

The Buccaneers are going to receive the opening kick off. The Chiefs have deferred in every situation where they have won the opening kickoff this season. Bruce Arians has made it clear, that he wants his team to start fast. The Bucs were down three touchdowns in the first quarter the last time they played KC. They don’t want to be in a similar position again.

Tampa has struggled on the opening drive, but with Brady facing a defense for the second time with two weeks to prepare a good script, I trust the Bucs to get it done.

Patrick Mahomes Pass Attempts: Over 40.5 attempts

This is a bet every sharp bettor is going to hammer into oblivion. While the number looks high, its not high enough.

Mahomes passed the ball 49 times the last time they played Bucs during a game script where they had a big lead the entire game. And in this game the Chiefs are going to struggle to get a ground attack going against the Bucs run defense, so Andy Reid is going to do what works and throw the ball all over the yard. A

lso the Chiefs do a great job of using the short passing game and the screen game to essentially replace their running game. Shovel passes, screens, and throw aways count as passing attempts. Regardless of the game script, Mahomes goes over this number.

Patrick Mahomes Rushing Yards: Over 18.5 yards

While Mahomes will be dropping back to pass, he is going to have an opportunity to scramble too. This is a bet that is favoring the public market which has been hammering the under due to Mahomes turf toe issue. However with an extra week to heal and additional medical help on gameday, Mahomes should be healthy enough to go over this number.

Mahomes rushing yards prop was the most popular prop in last years Super Bowl, that had a miserable ending where it went under after Mahomes accumulated negative 20 rushing yards on three kneel downs. That's one reason the public is staying away from it.

Mahomes’ legs are a big part of the Chiefs offense and there will be times Mahomes has to run for his life. The adrenaline will kick in and a couple Mahomes scrambles gets us over this number.

Darrell Williams Rushing Yards: Under 30.5 yards

We mentioned the Bucs have the No. 1 rush defense in the league. The Chiefs are missing two offensive tackles, and its going to be hard to run the ball against this front.

On the flip side, Williams has had back to back good games to inflate this number, and Clyde Edwards Helaire should get majority of the snaps due to his threat in the receiving game. Williams will mostly be used as a pass blocker.

Williams is projected to get eight attempts and would need to average around four yards a carry to hit this number. I don’t believe that is going to happen. Take the under with ease.

Chris Godwin Receiving Yards: Over 73.5 yards

Godwin leads the Buccaneers in air yards and yards per route. Godwin had eight receptions and 97 yards the last time Tampa Bay played the Chiefs, and eclipsed this over in two of the three playoff games. Godwin’s drops have been an issue, but he has been able to make big plays whenever he is able to secure the football.

In a high scoring game, Godwin should be the big play receiver for the Bucs. They move Godwin all over the field and should get him in a favorable matchup against safety or slot corner. There is realistic chance this one hit early.

Tyreek Hill Receiving Yards: Over 97.5 yards

We’ve seen Hill have some monster games and he could potentially go nuclear here. We mentioned in the preview article that the Bucs play a lot of Cover 0 and Hill was able to torch them when Mahomes does not succumb to pressure. With injuries on the Chiefs offensive line, I expect Todd Bowles to be aggressive once again. There will be times when the Bucs decide to double Hill. But he will have his opportunities and will be able to take advantage in big ways. I also expect Hill to be an integral part of the Chiefs screen game. Getting Hill in space is a big part of the Chiefs offense. Hill exploded for 180 yards in the first matchup.

The Chiefs are going to pass the ball over times on Sunday, and Hill be targeted a ton. Hill is an athletic mismatch for Carlton Davis when they are in man coverage. If Mahomes has enough time, Hill will simply just run by him. Both of the Buccaneers safeties are coming off of injuries, so expect the Chiefs to test their health by throwing to Hill running deep over the middle.

Follow Austin on Twitter @AMontgomeryLive - and read his full game preview here.

Also, if you're gambling this weekend, use MyBookie. Promo code "TORRES" will double your first deposit!


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