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Scary video of a minor league ballpark in New Jersey basically underwater thanks to Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on the Southeast portion of the country earlier in the week. From a sports perspective, it led the Saints to evacuate New Orleans, LSU to head to Houston all week prior to their Saturday game against LSU and the Tulane-Oklahoma game to move from New Orleans to Norman.

Then, over the last few days, the storm has moved up North and done its own damage there. We've all seen video of streets, airports and subways in New Jersey and New York, and pray for all those affected.

The latest in the sports world comes from Jersey, where wild video emerged of a minor league ballpark that is almost completely submerged in water.

As the tweet tells you, that is TD Bank Ballpark, home to the Somerset Patriots, which are a Single A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

The team has released a statement, which says in part "We are currently in the process of evaluating the extent and the damage caused."

Unfortunately the scene is not all that much different than much of New York and New Jersey right now, where rain has wreaked havoc across the tri-state area. According to the National Weather Service, Somerset County, where the team is located, was hit with over eight inches of rain, in a small window of just a few hours on Wednesday. That is as much as that area of the country receives over several months at a time.

Obviously our thoughts are with everyone in New Jersey, Louisiana and anyone in between who were impacted.

In terms of the team itself, the Patriots are currently on the road facing the Bowie BaySox. They're not projected to return until a home-stand next Tuesday against the Hartford YardGoats.

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