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SMU tried to plant its flag in the middle of the field after beating TCU- and a mini brawl broke out

Credit: @SMUFootball (Instagram)

While it wasn't one of the bigger, more important games on the college football calendar - SMU playing at TCU was intriguing for a few reasons.

One, SMU is a legitimately talented program that Sonny Dykes has elevated since arriving a few years ago. TCU is a declining program, one that seems to have its best days under Gary Patterson behind them.

Oh, and this is a real rivalry between two schools that have played each other nearly 100 times through the years, and two schools whose campuses are under an apart on a map.

So when SMU went into Fort Worth and beat the Frogs 42-34, putting up nearly 600 yards of total offense in the process, you can imagine they were excited. And that TCU was pissed.

That was clearly the case, since, immediately after the game, SMU went to plan its flag in the middle of the field - and was met by a bunch of unhappy Frogs, who let them know it.

Much like their play on the field, TCU only put up a little bit of a fight though.

And the resilient SMU players came back and officially planted the flag a second time - leading to another mini-brawl that eventually ended with the flag ending up being snapped in half.

As Josh Hoyt said, just little rivalry things.

The question now: With TCU heading in the wrong direction, and losing two straight to the Mustangs, how long are we even going to be able to call this a rivarly?

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