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Should we have seen Colorado's shocker over TCU coming?!

Credit: Colorado athletics

It was the story of Week 1 of the college football season: Colorado stunning TCU on Saturday in Fort Worth.

The Buffaloes came in as a full 20.5-point underdog, but thanks to a historic day from Shedeur Sanders, dynamic play from Travis Hunter and Dylan Edwards and timely stops on defense, the Buffaloes shocked the world and ended up victorious against the reigning national runners up.

It was a shocking result... or was it?

On Tuesday's Aaron Torres Podcast, Aaron made the argument that we should've seen Colorado coming.

Maybe not to win outright on Saturday, but to at least be competitive.

"Did I did I predict that Colorado was beating TCU on on Saturday? I did not. But I think they could keep a close. I did. And it was for a pretty simple reason.
I said, Look at the roster that's here.
I said, Shedeur Sanders, as I said, was offered by Alabama coming out of high school. He is not the Colorado quarterback because he's the coach's son. He's the Colorado quarterback because he's really good and he happens to be the coach's son. Dylan Edwards was basically a fringe five-star kid that could have gone to Notre Dame, and flipped to once Colorado once Coach Prime got the job. Travis Hunter was the No. 1 player in America. He could have gone anywhere chose to go play for Coach Prime, first to Jackson State, then in Colorado. Some of the other players this skill position players Jimmy Horn had as I said over 100 yards catching on 11 grabs on Saturday afternoon. He was coveted by Texas A&M, Penn State you name it in the portal. Some of the other players so the guys didn't even you know Cormani McClain five star barely even played."

It's a fair point, and one that probably wasn't discussed enough in the lead-up to the game: Colorado had difference-makers. Certainly not a team full of them like Georgia or Alabama, but enough, especially at key positions to make things interesting.

It's also why the idea that - at least coming into the game - Colorado wouldn't be competitive, not only Saturday, but all season, was laughable.

Aaron wondered, just one year after we saw multiple teams rebuild on the fly through the transfer portal, why many assumed Colorado hadn't done the same.

"I'm not saying that Shedeur is quite Caleb Williams. I don't think he's that far behind. But outside of Caleb Williams, what is all that different about what was inherited at USC? The situation wasn't that much better. Oh, by the way. LSU Brian Kelly, everybody knows my huge Brian Kelly guy. Brian Kelly inherited a roster with 39 scholarship players at LSU. Don't tell me what LSU can meet don't tell me what they weren't 2019 the situation that Brian Kelly inherited at LSU I'm not saying it was as bad as coach Prime, but what I am saying is it was a lot worse than people give it credit for. They won 10 games last year including a bowl game.

It's an interesting food for thought, but none of it matters.

All that matters is that they're 1-0 heading into the Nebraska game on Saturday.

To listen to more of Aaron's thoughts on Colorado's Week 1 stunner over TCU, make sure to download the Aaron Torres Podcast or listen on YouTube below


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