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Reminder: Torres Media now has... MERCH - details here

If you haven't been following the world of all things Torres Media, this one might have slipped through the cracks: But Torres Media is now in the "merch" game. That's right, as the seasons go on and as we inch closer to the end of the year, Aaron Torres Media is offering you two t-shirt designs that will make a great gift this holiday season.

The full shop is available on the "Merchandise" tab above, but here are some quick details:

The first, your Kentucky basketball "Revenge Tour" tee - celebrating Kentucky's return to prominence this season, after last year's disappointing 2020-2021 affair. That's right, so long loses to Richmond and Georgia.

Hello, a return to the Top 10 and national title contention.

Here is the Kentucky "Revenge Tour" design.

And you can order the "Revenge Tour" tee by clicking here.

Secondly, we know we have plenty of Indiana fans that read the site, and we also know that despite a tough loss to Wisconsin on Wednesday, that Mike Woodson is the man for the job.

Correct that, Mike F***ing Woodson.

That's right, since Woodson got the job he has been on a rampage, convincing several marquee players to return to Indiana, hunting for guys in the portal like a tiger in the jungle and collecting five-star recruits like they're your favorite baseball card.

Well now it's time to celebrate Mike F***ing Woodson, with your official Mike F***ing Woodson tees.

Here is the Mike F***ing Woodson design.

In addition, in the coming days we will have plenty of other designs, including a "Big Pig Invasion" shirt for Arkansas fans, as well as a "Basketball School" shirt for those Bama fans.

These shirts are in limited supply, so go ahead and order now to ensure that you get them in time for the holidays.

And as always, you can hit Aaron with any questions on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy holidays, and enjoy the merch!!!


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