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Pod: What we learn in PSU-OSU, USC melting down- should Caleb Williams opt out? Bama, Clemson + MORE

On today's show, Torres looks at both sides of Penn State-Ohio State and discusses what we learned about both teams. Also, USC lost and the takes are flowing - should Caleb Williams opt out of the season? Is Lincoln Riley NFL bound? Plus, Bama beats Tennessee and Clemson is officially dead as a program. Here is a full rundown:

Penn State-Ohio State and what the game means for both teams (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing the Top 10 showdown between Penn State and Ohio State. Torres explains why James Franklin let down his fan-base again, and why the Nittany Lions cant be trusted until further notice. Also, Torres credits Ryan Day - who made a decision two years ago that led to victory Saturday.

USC loses again - and the questions are flowing (22:00): USC lost to Utah, and Torres dives into all the takes that are coming out of it. Should Caleb Williams actually consider shutting it down after a second straight loss? And Lincoln Riley is flirting with the NFL - but should NFL teams just say no after this season's performance?

The rest of Week 8 (34:30): Finally, Torres wraps by discussing all the other big games, including Alabama's win over Tennessee. He explains why Tennessee has the right man at head coach, even in a loss, and why this is the best coaching job of Nick Saban's career, and whether Florida State has unofficially locked up a spot in the playoff (40:00). Also, Clemson loses again - and this time, there is no debate - their run atop the sport is officially over (44:30).

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