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Pac-12 on verge of collapse? Oklahoma legend calls out move to SEC + 5 teams best suited to win CBB

On today's show, Aaron gives an update on Pac-12 expansion and why the league can be in trouble, then discusses Barry Switzer's critical comments of Oklahoma's move to the SEC. Finally, in a wide open college hoops season, Aaron gives you the five teams he believes are best suited to win it all - with a few very surprising teams mixed in.

Pac-12 on the verge of falling apart? Aaron opens by talking about the Pac-12 - while some are focused on potential expansion candidates, Aaron explains why a new report plaints a different picture. Is this league on the verge of breaking up?

Oklahoma legend calls out Sooners' move to the SEC: Next up, legendary Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer calls out the school's move to the SEC - is he right?

The five teams best built to win college hoops' national title: Finally, we are officially two weeks from March. In a wide open season, Aaron gives the five teams he believes are best built to win the title this season. The list might surprise you.

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