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One bettor has an insane amount of money riding on tonight's Ole Miss-Louisville game

There is one game left on the college football Week 1 calendar, and it should be an entertaining one.

It's Ole Miss and Louisville. And while the Rebels won't have Lane Kiffin on the sidelines, they remain one of college football's most explosive teams. The Cardinals are just a year removed from an 8-5 season and averaged over 33 points per game.

So yeah, everyone is hoping for some offensive fireworks to end Labor Day weekend - well, everyone except one college football bettor.

That's because one bettor has $79,000 on the line, and needs the game to go under the 75.5 point total.

Here is the news, per ESPN's Dave Purdum:

First off, yes, you read that correctly: A $10 bet to win close to 80k.


It's all that much more wild that the entire bet was on all unders - and that to this point they have all hit.

Clearly it was a smart strategy, but also an interesting one. While only this bettor knows why he or she made the bet the way it was made, but you have to wonder if he or she factored in something that didn't exist in college football last year: Fans. With fans back in the stands, it's easy to forget that many college players have never played with real crowd noise.

And that it could potentially lead to lower scoring games. That did in fact happen, where we had the lowest scoring opening week since 2010.

Regardless, now, that 14-game bet, that began with $10 back on August 24th is now one play away from hitting and winning this bettor nearly 80k.

The good news for the bettor: With Lane Kiffin at home, the under feels like a smart play.

The bad news?

You're betting on an Ole Miss defense that gave up over 40 points per game last year to come through for you.

Good luck with that.

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