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One bettor has a stupid amount of money on Buffalo heading into Week 2

The Buffalo Bills were a preseason darling, coming off an AFC East title and title game appearance, with a very well compensated quarterback.

Many thought they could potentially make - and win - the Super Bowl, which is what made their Week 1 loss to Steelers that much more disappointing. It also turns Sunday's game into a kinda-sorta must-win. If you're competing with the Chiefs, Browns and maybe another team or two for the top of the AFC, falling to 0-2 is less than ideal.

Well, that's at least the logic from one bettor in Vegas, who put a stupid amount of money on the Bills to cover the three points they're giving on the road today.

The total? A cool 66k.

First off, must be nice to have a cool $66,000, two I can't lie: Don't love the bet. I mean sure, the Bills probably need the win. But betting that much on a road dog isn't for the faint of heart, especially one facing a legitimately good opponent (the Miami Dolphins).

So what else do you need to know about the world of betting going into Week 2?

For one, there are an absolutely absurd amount of tickets on the Kansas City Chiefs to cover against the Baltimore Ravens today. And same with the Cardinals hosting the Vikings.

Oh, and in the least surprising news ever - the Tampa Bay money line (they are a double-digit favorite at Atlanta) is raking in a ton of money.

Best of luck betting everyone!

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