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Scott Frost has no one to blame but himself for Nebraska's struggles

The big game of Week 0 of the college football season was obviously in Champaign, Illinois where Illinois hosted Nebraska.

To say it was a "must win" game for Scott Frost was an understatement, but all things considered, the game set up nicely for the Cornhuskers. Yes, they opened with a Big Ten game on the road, but they also faced one of the least talented teams in the conference, with a first year head coach. Oh, and while no one could have predicted it, Illinois also lost its starting quarterback in the opening quarter of the game.

So yeah, everything was set up nicely for the Cornhuskers to get the win. It didn't have to pretty, but man, did Nebraska just need a "W."

Instead, the opposite happened, they took the loss - in the most Nebraska way possible. An early interception, that would have put them in position to up 16-2 was overturned because of a penalty. Illinois would end up scoring on that drive. Then, late in the first half, with Nebraska driving, Adrian Martinez - in typical Adrian Martinez fashion - had a fumble that was recovered and returned for a touchdown.

The Huskers ended up losing 30-22, and as Aaron explained on YouTube, Scott Frost has no one to blame but Scott Frost.

His team repeatedly loses games where they beat themselves with dumb penalties and costly turnovers.

And the fact that - in the transfer portal era - Frost has been unable to find any quarterback better than Martinez is inexcusable.

Listen to Aaron UNLOAD below, and make sure you're following Aaron Torres Media on YouTube:

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