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NCAA Tournament expansion coming? Tuesday night college hoops, should UConn be getting more credit for their insane title defense? Florida football is broke!

On today's show Torres discusses a report that says NCAA Tournament expansion is coming - and what it could look like. Also, some updates on the College Football expanded playoff. Then he talks about a big night of college hoops, as Kentucky gets a needed win and North Carolina loses. He also asks - is UConn's insane title defense not getting enough credit? Finally he hits "Last Call" discussing UCLA's new football coach and a report that Florida football is broke! 

NCAA Tournament expansion coming (2:00): Torres opens the show by discussing a report that the NCAA Tournament is set to expand! What could it look like and why this is unavoidable. Also, an interesting new twist on the new 12-team College Football Playoff as well.

Tuesday night college hoops + should UConn be getting more credit (17:00): From there, Torres reacts to a big Tuesday of college hoops - as Kentucky gets a much-needed win and Carolina takes a brutal loss. What does it mean for each? He also discusses if UConn should be getting more credit, as they sit atop the polls and in good position to actually defend their national championship!

Last Call (40:00): Finally, he gets to some odds and ends in "Last Call" hitting on UCLA's new football coach, a milestone for Michigan's title team + is Florida football's NIL broke?!

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