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NBA Draft Combine reaction + Caleb Love back in the portal + explaining the UConn/Big 12 rumors

On today's show, Aaron shares thoughts on the NBA Draft Combine, who played well and who didn't and what it means for schools like Kentucky, UConn and Purdue. Then he discusses the wild Caleb Love story - now that he's back in the portal, where will he go and who's to blame at Michigan? Plus, Torres separates fact from fiction in the UConn/Big 12 rumors.

NBA Draft Combine reaction: Torres opens the show by discussing the NBA Draft, hitting on key players who participated and what it means for their schools. Did Oscar Tshiebwe do enough to stay in the draft, and what would Kentucky look like without him? How about Andre Jackson and UConn? Plus, thoughts on Zach Edey, Marquette, Arkansas and several high-profile portal players who could come back to college.

Caleb Love is back in the portal - where does he land next?: Next, Aaron reacts to the wild story as Caleb Love is forced to re-enter the portal after committing to Michigan. What schools could Love potentially land at, and who's to blame at Michigan for the debacle of not letting him in?

Explaining the UConn/Big 12 rumors: Finally, earlier this week, rumors popped up that UConn and the Big 12 have been flirting. Torres explains why the rumors don't mean what you think - and why most of the reporting on this story is wildly inaccurate.

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