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Nate Burleson definitely made a marijuana reference celebrating Aaron Rodgers 420th career TD pass

It was historic day in the NFL, where all sorts of good stuff happened - including Aaron Rodgers tying Dan Marino on the all-time touchdown pass list.

The pass in question came in the third quarter of the Packers' game against Pittsburgh, when Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for a short score.

While the touchdown was special - and historic - not everyone saw it live, and that included the crew calling the Baltimore-Denver game Sunday afternoon.

They cut to studio, where Nate Burleson dropped this gem: "Aaron Rodgers hits Randall Cobb to tie Dan Marino on the all-time pass list - Number 420, and he's smoking the Steelers defense right now."

According to Aaron (Torres, not Rodgers) there was apparently an exchange between Burleson and the broadcaster of the Ravens-Broncos game, after they cut back which was awkward, but fun. Unfortunately we have yet to hear that.

But still, it doesn't change the fact that on a random Sunday, in a random game that no one will remember a few months from now, we got a random 420 reference, as Rodgers ties Marino in the record books.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday of football.

Especially Rodgers.

And especially everyone who caught the reference.

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